Monday 11 February 2013

Dust cover!

Happy Monday everyone. I am here today to show off some of the new ribbons which are totally exclusive to CRAFTY RIBBONS. If you are a fan of sewing, knitting or crocheting you are going to love these ribbons!
I made a light cover for my sewing machine. I do have a proper cover but can't fit it on where my sewing machine is kept so I thought this would help to keep the dust off.
Its a simple tea towel from the pound shop and I have given it a lease of life with these gorgeous ribbons which you can find HERE. I drew out a heart template and stitched the ribbons individually to the shape then added it to the tea towel with zigzag stitching. Hope you like it.


Fitness Equipment India said...
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rachel said...

this is beautiful Pinky - wonderful - and my computer is letting me comment too! Fabulous xx

Sandra H said...

This is lovely x

Unknown said...

Fab idea Pinky. I love that you have used so many of the gorgeous new ribbons.