Monday 27 January 2014

A little weaving...

It's Laura here today.  Hello, how was your weekend?

I have a large ribbon canvas that I made at the end of last year to match my new duvet cover and curtains.

I have used a wooden frame from a bought canvas but knocking up a do it yourself frame from wood would also work well.

I had a great big bundle of ribbons to start with.  What I was after was lots of different widths and textures and I wanted a good percentage of the ribbons to be see through.  I hand dyed a few lengths of white ribbon and lace with India Ink to get the right shade of aqua.  Once I had found exactly what I was after I divided them in to two piles and started laying out my warp ribbons - the ones that go up and down.

Once I had roughly the right pattern I started stapling them directly on to the back of the wooden frame.  The key is to get them nice and taut.  When they were attached I started working on my weft ribbons - the ones that go from left to right.  

This time instead of stapling them straight away I wove them all and then when I was happy they were all in the right place I stapled them as before.  Again the key is nice and taut.

Here is a brief list of the ribbons I used: lace, summer breeze fibre, loopy cord, organza, grosgrain, saddlestitich, 3mm, bling edged 3mm, cotton, seam binding.

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