Friday 28 August 2015

Crafty Ribbons Inspiration with Leah

It's me again, with another set of three cards for inspiration for you :)

For this first blue card I used the following beautiful ribbons from Crafty Ribbons:  French Viscose Lace in White, and some Handmade Ribbon in White.

For the purple card I used the following ribbon from Crafty Ribbons:  Handcrafted Ribbon in White and some 35mm Satin Ribbon in Liberty (which I also made the flower with).

For this orange and red card I used the following ribbons from Crafty Ribbons:  35mm Satin Ribbon in CardinalFrench Viscose Lace in White, and French Handmade Ribbon in Antique White.

If you would like to see more details about these projects, please visit my blog here :)

Come on over to the Crafty Ribbons website and see the beautiful ribbons you can use to embellish your projects, you just may find a few falling into your shopping cart!

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