Friday 27 May 2016

Train Flags

Hi Laura here today for some lay time!  A question for you...  what do you do when the cows start walking on the train track?

 I don't know how you deal with these situations but we made some flags to warn Thomas and his friends...

Arthur knows to be carefully because the cow flag is flying...

And Edward knows the farmer is around in is tractor.

Arthur knows when to stop and when it is safe to go again.

I know, a little crazy but very cute, don't you think?  Little one loves his train track and always brings a rucksack full of trains with him.  He has a stop and go flag set at home but we needed some flags for here at Granny, Grandad and Laura's house. 

They are really simple to make - half a drinking straw, between 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) of ribbon and some double sided sticky tape.  I use the strong red-backed tape as I know with this tape little fingers will not destroy the flags in 2 seconds flat!!  All my ribbon is from Crafty Ribbons.  You can find the cows here and the tractors here!

Have a good day folks, and don't forget to make time to play!


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