Thursday 26 January 2017

Ribbon embroidery flower kits

Do you like ribbon embroidery?
Have you tried it?
I 💜 Red heart it!
How can a flat piece of silk ribbon be turned into this……

It just stands out from the fabric.

My Lavender Flowers are made from one stitch.
Ribbon Stitch.

These new kits are super easy.

I have printed the design onto the fabric, so you just embroidery over the top.

You can achieve stunning results.

and from just ribbon!

Finished kits are 10cm by 10cm,

and all you need to make the kits, is an embroidery hoop (if you use one),
scissor and a ruler.
You can find the kits here
Have fun
Ali x

1 comment:

Cherie said...

I absolutely love these little kits. I discovered ribbon embroidery last year and am hooked. They are so reasonably priced too. They are on my 'treats for me' list and I can't wait for payday.