Tuesday 26 September 2017

Ribbon Weaving

Hi Folks, Laura here today sharing a ribbon weave clipboard with you...

I've used some pastel shades of our plain satin 9mm.  You can find this here on our website.  The clipboard is clear perspex and I picked it up from Paperchase a few years ago.

I'm no weaving expert - I think this is called Mad Weave.  This, presumably, is because it drives you mad trying to figure out how to do it!!  If you fancy a try you'll need lots of pins and a cork board bigger than the finished size of your weaving project.

First of all, you'll need to set up your vertical ribbons.  I went in a random order just to give me lots of colour but lining your ribbons up in a certain order will give you different finished patterns.  Pin to your cork board enough ribbons to cover the width of your clipboard (or other surface - you can add weaving to pretty much anything!)  They should be as close together as possible and exactly vertical for a nice tight weave - no wonky angles!

The second step is to weave ribbons in at a 30 degree angle.  I found it helpful to mark my corkboard and use a quilters ruler to get my angles exact.  The pattern to weave is over one, under two, over one, under two etc. of the vertical ribbons.  Your second ribbon should go over the next ribbon along to the one the first ribbon went over.  (It is easier to do than to explain!)  Again pin these ribbons in place so they don't move.

The third step is to weave a second set of ribbons in at a 30 degree angle, this time from the other side.  This time go over two, under one, over two, under one etc. of the vertical ribbons.  This time you need to navigate the second step ribbons too, making sure you are creating the little diamond shapes.

I realise I haven't put this into words very well so I'll point you to a video I have just found - video - I could have done with watching this before I got started!!

Once that was done I placed my clipboard on top.  I used super strong red backed double sided tape around the edge of the clipboard and one by one, unpinned each ribbon, folded it around the edge of the clipboard and stuck it down.  I trimmed the ends down and added another layer of tape and finished off with a length of ribbon to hide the unsightly ends.

The beauty of the perspex is you can see the weaving from both sides.  Because I wrapped it over the back and adhere only a small border on the front you still have a nice solid surface to write on too.

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Thanks for looking!