Wednesday 24 January 2018

Love Bracelet

Hi Crafty Friends, Laura here today with a bracelet tutorial.

First off I gathered my ingredients - Heart ribbon and 2 contrasting colours of 3mm organza ribbons (you'll need a little more than twice the length of your wrist of each ribbon).  A few seed beads.  Fixings for a bracelet and 2 ribbon clasps.  Needle and thread, jewellery pliers, matte medium.

Of course you can choose any colours and any ribbons.

Cut your main ribbon (in this case the heart ribbon) in half.  Add the organza ribbons to one end with a couple of small stitches.  Ensure it is close enough to the end of the ribbon to be covered by the ribbon clasps.

Seal the edges of the ribbon and the stitches with a little matte medium or P.V.A. glue.  This will prevent fraying and make sure your knot stays tight.

Measure 9 equal distances and make tiny marks with a pencil.  This is where we will add our beads.

Cross the organza ribbons over each pencil dot and secure with a stitch.  Then add another stitch, this time including a seed bead.  Continue on like this, alternating the organza ribbon crossing in front of the hearts and then behind the hearts.

Knot and trim the threads on the back.  Add a little dot of matte medium, P.V.A glue or clear nail varnish to seal the knot.

I like to add a little blob of matte medium into the ribbon clasp before adding the ribbon, just for a little extra security.  Take the length of heart ribbon that you set aside earlier and match it up to the back of the embellished ribbon.  We are using this to hide the sewing.  Take both lengths of heart ribbon and insert them in to the end of the ribbon clasp and crimp firmly with piers.

Add the jewellery findings to each end and ta da!

You have a finished bracelet!

Thanks for looking!

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