Tuesday 22 September 2015

Dream Catcher

Hi, it's Laura here today with a ribbon-y dream catcher.
This is the most enjoyable project I have made in a while!  Isn't it fun?!

To make one you'll need a selection of ribbons and the inside of a roll of sticky tape!

I added strings of buttons and lace to my ribbon dangles.  I added some vellum feathers to the end of some of the ribbons.

The tape roll (I uses the inside of a 3mm double sided roll) is simply wrapped in ribbon until it is covered.  Then to make the web I followed some instructions I found online.  It is quite simple when you get going, but describing it is pretty tricky!

Here is a list of the ribbons and laces I used - all from Crafty Ribbons.

Chantilly Anna Lace
Chantilly Mollie Lace
Organza Swiss Dot White/White
3mm Island Blue
3mm Petal Peach
3mm Peach
3mm Blue Vapour
Swiss Dot Blue Vapour
Swiss Dot Island Blue/Peach
Heart Buttons
Basic Buttons Pastel
Basic Buttons Mixed
Basic Buttons Baby Blue

If there is enough interest I will put together a step by step guide... just leave me a comment or contact me through social media!

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