Sunday 27 March 2016


Hiya peeps and a Happy Easter to you!!

Here is todays Inspirational Blog post by me, Marg ..

And as it is Easter Sunday I went with a child's Easter bonnet 
brought from a well known discount book/childrens art store
and also the little chicks were from the same store.

All the ribbons & the button used are from Crafty Ribbons 

EASTER PARADE EVENT on over this weekend... 
As we have 12 people on our Design Team (DT) you will find 4 DT creations
on each of the 3 days, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday & Easter Monday.
You can back link to the previous days too. The object? Besides the 4 blog hops each day is to find the Easter Egg hidden on one of each of the 4 DT blogs. 
Some maybe easy to find, some a little bit harder. 

(Please scroll down for more photos)

The button is available from this selection pack:

The ribbons I used are:

This design comes only in Sheer ribbon. 
25mm sheer printed on one side only, but as it is sheer ribbon you can see the design on both sides. Available in 1.5mtr bags of one colour or 10mtr rolls.

All of the rest that I used are Exclusive to Crafty Ribbons:

25mm grosgrain printed with 8 pansy images.  Printed on one side only

25mm grosgrain printed with 4 butterfly images.  Printed on one side only
The butterflies are: 
Large White – Pieris brassicae
Peacock – Inachis io
Meadow Brown – Maniola jurtina
Peleides Blue Morpho - Morpho peleides – Central and South Americas
Ribbon designed by Laura Rumble

9mm Grosgrain ribbon printed with ladybirds on one side only.
Three colours - Pink, Blue and White, 1mtr lengths or 10mtr rolls

40mm white Grosgrain ribbon printed with Tulip Messages on one side only.
The messages are: With Love, Thinking of You, Best Wishes & Happy Birthday.
1 mtr lengths or 10mtr rolls

Summer Festival ribbons - 15mm Grass Ribbon
Printed on 15mm grosgrain on one side only
Grass! A simple line of grass in 1 mtr lengths or 10mtr rolls

Summer Festival ribbons - 25mm Flower Meadow Ribbon
Printed on 25mm grosgrain on one side only
Flower meadow in full bloom available in 1 mtr lengths or 10mtr rolls

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