Tuesday 22 March 2016

Four Seasons

Hi Folks, Laura here today and oh, I enjoyed making this one...

I know it's not an original concept - the four seasons artwork has been done many times before but I still enjoyed interpreting it my way.  I started out with a four pack of mini canvasses, each painted a different shade of blue.

I then painted on a very unrealistically shaped tree!  I needed an even spread of branches to attach my button leaves to, so following the shape of a real tree didn't quite work!  I sorted through my button stash and pulled out blossom pinks and spring greens; rich leafy greens; and autumnal oranges, yellows, reds and browns.  I attached my buttons with matte gel medium, but any strong glue would be okay.

My favourite touch?  The autumn leaves that have dropped from the tree!

You can find Crafty Ribbons huge selection of buttons here!

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Jane Willis said...

What a lovely idea, a super use of buttons and canvases

Laura said...

Thanks Jane!

carol said...


Tracy Welham said...

Fabulous project and a great interpretation. Creative Blessings, Tracy x