Monday 22 July 2019

Rainbow Ribbon Shaker for Babies using Seam Binding Ribbon

Good Morning Everyone!
Today I am sharing a quick and fun ribbon make for babies! 

I got the idea for this rainbow ribbon shaker at one of the baby groups I go to with my son. He really loved watching the movement of the ribbon shaker so thought I would make my own using an old bangle and an assortment of the colourful Seam Binding Ribbon from  Crafty Ribbons.

* just keep in mind that it's prob best not to use as a chew toy as babies can choke on the ribbon *

My post can be found here

My Son thinks this is brilliant!

This was simply made looping the ribbon onto a bangle, trimming and sealing the ends. The bright rainbow colours are perfect to attract the little ones attention!

Thanks for looking, 

Sarah x

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Wendy L said...

Super idea, xxx