Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Gift Wrapping with a Sparkly Twist!

Hi there, Laura here again.

I love wrapping presents more than I love unwrapping them.  I had this crazy idea to make a sequin shaker pocket window in some wrapping.  I measured out my paper and picked a spot that would give a tantalising glimpse but not give anything away... I moved over to my craft desk and carefully cut the dinosaur out with a craft knife.

I recycled a piece of craft packaging filling it with a spoonful of star sequins and sealing the opening with double-sided tape.  I ran some glue around the edge of the cut out dinosaur on the inside on the paper and attached the pocket of sequins.

Then I wrapped the present and finished it off with two contrasting ribbons.  You can find the range of satin ribbons here and the birthday ribbons here.

Thanks for looking!


Sandra H said...

Aww this is so pretty x

Wendy L said...

Looks wonderful, xxx