Saturday, 18 August 2018

Cyril The Snowman

Happy Saturday Everyone
Meet Cyril

Why Cyril?? To be honest I have no idea, but when making fun things I love to name them and Cyril just arrived in my head :-)
He was so, so easy to make with very few ingrediants
2 sheets of white A4 Card Stock
half a sheet of black 
a mini scrap of orange
2 googly eyes
scraps of ribbon

I cut him out on my portrait and adhered him together 
I did actually add some blue glittered cardstock to his hat, but later went over with a scrap of ribbon to match his fun scarf

Lastly adding a small length of ribbon for the drawer pull
This is actually a wonderful size with plenty of uses

Fill with sweets for a great affordable Teachers gifts (makes note)
Stocking fillers filled with treats or small gifts
I'm sure you can thing of many more
The ribbons I have used today are from
and they are from the 
Thank you for stopping by today

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