Thursday 22 February 2018

Thanks to our Olympic athletes!

I don't know for you but I am very fond of Olympic games! Every four years, I am in front a tv wherever I am in the world. I organise my days on Olympic hours and sleep when I can!

I would like to thank all women and men who take part in this wonderful adventure. All continents joined for great times. They make me dream of a better world.

Congratulations to all with a medal or not. They can't be competitions without any of you.

I used 5mm gingham ribbon (so much colors!) for medals and 40mm gros grain ribbon under thank you word. This snowflake ribbon is from an old season but there are many others to choose.
Do you think, they could see this congratulations card in Pyeongchang ?
All my love to this great champions. 
You give us so much emotions.

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